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Cell Phones

Talking on a cell phone while driving can be a major distraction. There are thousands of accidents each year caused by negligent and distracted drivers talking on the phone or texting.

Texting while driving is said to be as dangerous as drunk driving.  Thirty states have banned texting while driving completely, and at this rate most states are sure to follow.

Cell phone use in motor vehicles can make employers legally responsible for accidents. If a driver is conducting business on a cell phone while driving, an employer may be held accountable to pay damages to an accident victim.

Accidents Related to Cell Phones, PDA's, and Smart Phones

Physical Therapist

Costs of a disability after a serious head, neck or spinal cord injury can be overwhelming.  Families  living week-to-week and struggling to make ends meet are often devastated with bills they cannot afford for the costs associated with these serious injuries.

Houston Accident Attorney Paul Higdon will work closely with the medical experts, life care planners and economists to determine the total impact of a serious spinal cord, neck, or head injury.  He will review cost data analysis collected by insurance companies and HMOs in order to recover adequate compensation for your physical, emotional, and financial losses.

Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries


There are criminal penalties for drunk driving. There are also consequences when a drunk driver seriously injures a person in a car accident. Houston Accident Attorney Paul Higdon can help ensure that the negligent driver is held responsible and accountable for the damages to you beyond any criminal punishment.  

Paul Higdon, Attorney at Law, does not believe that criminal punishments suffice in drunk driving accidents. You are entitled to compensation if your injuries prevent you from living the life you once enjoyed. That includes your job and personal activities.

Even if the drunk driver receives the harshest criminal punishment possible from a judge, Houston Accident Attorney Paul Higdon will hold him/her financially accountable as well.

Drunk Driving Victim Cases


Malpractice claims arise when a physician or other medically trained person does not perform to the standards of their professions. In many cases, harm may be concealed even when a victim suspects a mistake. Patients may not want to get their doctor in trouble or assume there is no legal remedy, but this is not the case.

Medical errors are far more common than commonly known. Over fifty percent of mistakes are made in emergency medicine situations.  This is believed to be due to cutting corners.   Too often, emergency room personnel rely on subsequent care to catch and fix their mistakes.

Medical Malpractice


The most common type premises liability occurs when a property owner fails to clean and maintain property in such a way that prevents dangerous conditions from causing injury to someone on the property. Business and venues that invite the general public to come and shop and conduct business have the duty to keep their premises safe for their visitors.

In a slip and fall, a hazard on another person’s property—such as wet or waxy floors that lack proper warning, uneven pavement, torn or bulging carpet or area rug, spills or leaks from plumbing or machines, rotten wood, faulty railings, debris or changes in elevation without proper warning. These accidents can occur in homes, businesses, construction sites, property owned by the government, or public property. While we all have some degree of responsibility in watching where we are going, property owners also have a legal duty to ensure their premises are in safe condition for invitees and those entering the residence. When a property owner or government entity knows about a hazardous condition and does nothing to repair it, they can be held liable for negligence in the event that someone slips and falls on their property.

Slip & Fall

Car Dashboard

Paul Higdon has successfully handled complex accident cases. For more than 25 years Paul Higdon, Attorney at Law, has been serving the people of Texas who have been injured in personal injury cases.  

Paul aggressively represents victims in crashes involving an auto, truck or commercial vehicle, a bus, recreation vehicle, motorcycle, and bicycles. It does not matter if you were the driver, a passenger or a pedestrian on the street, if you were hurt by someone else's negligence, you deserve the attention and personal service of an experienced Personal Injury Attorney. Whether you are driving your own automobile or a company car, a wreck caused by a negligent driver can forever change both your personal and professional life.  Attorney Paul Higdon has dedicated himself to aggressive representation for injured clients in Houston and throughout Texas.

Auto Accidents

In the Record Store

Products liability cases are extremely complex and, therefore, require attorneys with skill and experience in that area. Houston Accident Attorney Paul Higdon works closely with some of the most knowledgeable and renowned technical experts in the country and has a proven track record of significant recoveries on behalf of those injured by defective or unreasonably dangerous products.

Personal Injury Attorney Paul Higdon has a long history of representing consumers injured or killed by defective products such as automobiles and their component parts, boats, drugs, chemicals, medical devices, household products, farming equipment, flammable products, food, printing presses, power tools, diving boards and many other consumer, recreational, and industrial products.

Defective Products

Railway Tracks

The Federal Employer's Liability Act (FELA) governs the liability of every railroad for the work-related injury or death of an employee and was enacted by Congress in 1908 to protect railroad workers and their families.

It is a federal cause of action; and suit, if necessary, may be filed in either federal or state court.  A claim under FELA is not worker's compensation.  The railroad does not have to pay if it is not at fault.

In order for a worker to recover under FELA, the worker has to have been injured while in the course of his employment, the railroad must be involved in interstate commerce, and the worker must prove that his injuries were caused by the negligence or fault of the railroad.

FELA Injured Railroad Workers


Motorcycle accidents are usually caused by driver inattention and general negligence on the part of car or truck drivers. Houston Accident Attorney Paul Higdon will work closely with accident investigators to determine the cause of a motorcycle accident.  He will hold negligent drivers financially accountable for the injuries they cause. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, please contact Texas motorcycle accident attorney Paul Higdon for help.

Motorcycle Accidents

Large Oil Truck

A commercial semi tractor-trailer traveling on a highway carrying a sizable load can be very dangerous. It is not a fair fight.  An 18-wheeler is eight times larger and as much as ten times heavier than a passenger vehicle.

If you have been injured in an 18-wheeler accident, you may already know the tactics businesses and insurance companies use to dodge responsibility, but even if the truck driver is only partially at fault, you may still have a valid claim.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an 18-wheeler accident, do not wait to get qualified advice.

Truck Accident

Image by Robert Bye

The most common type of serious bicycle accident is that involving a negligent motorist.

Well over 5,000 bicyclist perish at the hands of negligent automobile drivers each year. Another 60,000 victims are seriously injured in bicycle accidents often at the fault of the automobile driver.

Countless other bicyclist is seriously injured in non-vehicular accidents each year. These may be attributed to defects in sidewalks or parking lots, poor property maintenance, construction-related accidents, or harmful debris or materials on public walkways.

Bicycle Accidents

Black Dog

Attacks by dogs and other pets can result in devastating physical and emotional injuries.  Often these injuries lead to permanent scarring, infection, post-traumatic stress disorder, and even death.

In Texas, dog owners are strictly responsible for all injuries and damages caused by their pets.  These losses are often covered by the dog owner's, homeowner or renter insurance.

If you or someone you love has been injured by a dog or other pet, seek immediate medical care, report the incident to the police and your local health department, and contact Houston Personal Injury Attorney Paul Higdon.

Dog Bites and Other Animal Injuries


The aftermath of an explosion, house or car fire, or other accident that results in serious burn injuries or wrongful death is devastating.  Paul Higdon Attorney at Law does not pretend to know what you are going through.   However, having handled complex burn injury and wrongful death cases on behalf of his clients throughout Texas, he comprehends many of the challenges clients are confronted with following such an accident.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a fire or explosion. contact Houston Fire and Burn Accident Attorney Paul Higdon. He will aggressively pursue the compensation you deserve.

Fire and Burn Related Injuries

Street Walking

The most common type of serious pedestrian accident is that involving a negligent motorist. Well over 5,000 pedestrians perish at the hands of negligent automobile drivers each year. Another 78,000 victims are seriously injured in car or truck accidents often at the fault of the automobile driver. Countless other pedestrians are seriously injured in non-vehicular accidents each year. These may be attributed to defects in sidewalks or parking lots, poor property maintenance, construction-related accidents, or harmful debris or materials on public walkways.

Pedestrian Accidents

Work Environment

Houston Accident Attorney Paul Higdon advises and represents injured workers on denied claims, permanent disability determinations, medical service disputes, vocational retraining rights, and third-party claims.

Injured workers in Texas face some of the toughest hurdles.  If you are injured on the job, it is essential that you tell your employer promptly.  You also need to get medical attention right away.  When filing a claim, do not let anyone pressure you to not promptly report your injury exactly as it happened.

Work Place Accidents

Japanese Funeral

Wrongful death law is based solely on negligence.  Although all deaths are tragic, not all of them are caused by the negligent actions of another. A wrongful death suit requires proving full or partial fault.

In almost all Texas cases, the manner of death is determined by the civil authorities who issue a death certificate. However, determining who is at fault is usually much more difficult. In practice, Paul Higdon Attorney at Law looks closely at the circumstances surrounding the death to see what evidence is available and whether or not someone other than the deceased was partly at fault.

Cases for wrongful death in Texas must be brought within two years from the discovery of the death, subject to specific exceptions. Generally, if a plaintiff fails to file a lawsuit within that time period, then the right to bring a claim is barred and no recovery may be had. Therefore, speaking with a Texas wrongful death attorney as soon as possible is recommended if you believe you may have a right to compensation

Wrongful Death

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